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Meet Marina

The force behind Who Loves You—an empowering figure ready to propel your journey to success. With a proven track record in launching businesses and navigating life's twists and turns, Marina is more than a coach; she's your dedicated mentor on the path to greatness.

Formerly a consultant for lifestyle, fashion, and tech brands, Marina knows what it takes to unlock your potential. During the pandemic, she expanded her passion for mentorship, collaborating with over 30 institutions, catalysing the relaunch of Who Loves You to guide you through career ups and life's challenges.

As a Master NLP practitioner and ICF qualified coach, Marina employs a unique toolbox to conquer challenges and fears, enabling you to soar to new heights. Explore her platform designed to uplift women globally.

Whether you seek 1:1 support for professional or personal challenges, Marina offers Up-Level Sessions and occasionally engages in longer-term coaching relationships.

Helping people UP-LEVEL is her special expertise.